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Association d'éleveurs d'alpagas pour la promotion et la transformation de la laine - Association loi de 1901

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The sorting

Alpalaine proposes an annual sorting day.

All the fleeces meant for transformation are sorted out by the breeders, according to their smoothness and their colour. The first sorting carried out during the shearing giving three batches of smoothness largely facilitates this stage if it was made conscientiously.


Five to six colors are generally chosen, several colours being sometimes mixed together, so that each batch gets a significant weight. The goal of this collective sorting is to constitute homogeneous batches in quality and color in order to intend each one for an adequate transformation:

For most of these destinations, the minimal quantity to use is hundred kilogrammes. The rigour of the sorting is essential to get top quality products, but it is the wool quality of each animal which allows to increase, for each breeder, the proportion of fine quality and thus the production of great tactile quality products.